Lesbian Sex Outside

Immie runs her fingers on Gina J’s thighs under her short skirt groping her perfect bum. Cycling sure is a turn on for Gina J who lightly bites Immie’s that are poking out of her light dress when they stop to fix each others hair.
It is fascinating how this bike ride evidently turns into passionate game of pleasure with the girls pressing their full bushes against each other and help each other and orgasm in turns. Gina slides her fingers in her own vulva while she uses her other hand inside Immie.


Tampon String

Enjoying the outdoors, hanging around in her summer outfit, Merveille begins to strip down, slowly uncovering her whole dark skinned body.
Laying completely naked on top of a blanket, Merveille reaches out to her vulva pulling her labia apart as her tampon string hangs out towards her anus. Lifting her legs up in the air and bending her torso backwards, Merveille displays her extreme flexibility as she continues to expose her naked, slender body in numerous positions.



Oh, guys are going to LOVE Fallon. She’s got the best sense of humour, adventure and fun! And she likes to use Verity to demonstrate her favourite sex positions in her video…
Wow! This set is the most fun one I have seen anywhere! What a display of color, texture, pattern and ATTITUDE! Huge kudos to director, photographer and model. I can’t wait for the video, though I doubt it will top the stills.
Excellent set. Fallon’s quirky choice of clothes – love those stripey tights – gave a really fresh look to the pictures, as did her fun attitude which came out very well in the shots. I can’t go without also mentioning her lithe figure, beautiful breasts and nipples and her little strawberry-blonde pubic fuzz – so cute!